New Broken Social Scene Movie

Following feature length docos from Soulwax, Metallica, Justice, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Dandy Warhols and a bunch of tragic yet loveable nobodies called Anvil – the latest musicians to hit the silver screen are the amorphous members of Broken Social Scene in the Bruce McDonald directed “docu-drama” This Movie Is Broken.

Says the synopsis: Unbelievable! Bruno (Greg Calderone) wakes up in bed next to Caroline (Georgina Reilly), his long time crush. But tomorrow she’s off for school in France, and maybe she only granted this miracle as a parting gift for her long time friend. So tonight — tonight is Bruno’s last chance. And tonight, as it happens, Broken Social Scene, her favourite band, is throwing a big outdoor bash. Maybe if Bruno, with the help of his best pal Blake (Kerr Hewitt), can score tickets and give Caroline a night to remember, he can keep this miracle alive.

Boy and girl find love at a gig? People with cardigans? Music? Emotions? Is it me or does this vaguely echo Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist? Except instead of worshiping a fictional rock band called Where’s Fluffy (clearly the worst fictional band name of all time) the film’s protagonists worship a real (and totally awesome) band called Broken Social Scene. Hopefully This Movie Is Broken doesn’t feature a scene where the female lead gets fingered in her Dad’s recording studio, because that was awkward enough the first time around.

The film premieres in Canada June 25th, check out the trailer below…

Via The Playlist