New Bag Raiders Video – Fun Punch

There was a bit of a reminisce fest in the Pedestrian office today, everything from 90’s hip hop to Korn came up. So then what better way is there to end the week then by posting the new clip from Sydney’s Bagraiders as the video for their current single ‘Fun Punch’ is potentially the epitome of the early-mid nineties for us late teens / early twenties kids.

Ummm… did someone say the Might Morphin Power Rangers?

Without there being much need for explanation, the clip depicts the usual ghey to ghey day to day life of a member of the world’s mightiest crime fighting quintet. The video was directed by Sydney producer _____, who might I add was not a member of the original powered up five-some but however was casted in a later Australian / NZ series as the ___ ranger. Whether you think that adds or detracts from the end result there is no denying it’s shot pretty damn well leaving a finished product that most of us would of assumed far exceeds any budget that Bang Gang recs. probably would’ve had to work with.

Pedestrian <3’s The Bagraiders

And if your dying for another Bagraiders hit you can catch them tonight at Click Click @ka Oxford Arts from 11PM.