New Aussie Fest Ft. Robo-Spider Stage Will Squirt Fence Jumpers W/ ID Ink

Fence-jumping: you either do it, loathe it or laugh at it.
But the team behind Australia‘s newest festival, Arcadia, are primed and ready to ream punters who attempt to gain free entry into the event at Perth‘s Elizabeth Quay on November 25 to 27.
Its promoter, The Event Agency, has warned there’ll be special systems in place to deter would-be perps, including extra fence-jumping barriers, a beefed-up police and security presence and – insanely – a special barrier lathered in ink that will making it a cinch to ID trespassers.
Yep, a two-storey high sea container wall will be erected along The Esplanade road front to create an impenetrable perimeter, with a new type of non-drying lubricant ink creating a slippery surface that stains hands and clothing for up to three bloody weeks.
The managing director of Event Agency – which is also lobbying for long-term legislative change to deter fence jumping, including on the spot fines and criminal charges – says the zero tolerance approach is necessary to protect WA’s festival rep.
“Fence jumpers display aggressive criminal behaviours are disruptive and inconsiderate to everyone who has bought a ticket. Attitudes towards staff have become disrespectful and dangerous and over time it will also increasingly harm Perth’s reputation, as a place to hold major outdoor events and that will affect the vibrancy of our entertainment scene. I would encourage all West Australians to consider what this unsafe behaviour means for the future of events in Western Australia. If it continues it will deter event promoters and the incredible events in this state will cease.” 
Arcadia is definitely going to be spectacular, what with its 20m, 50,00kg, fire-breathing robotic spider-turned stage that’ll host Alison Wonderland, Carmada, Leftfield, Elk Road, Mashd N Kutcher and other artists game to perform in the belly of the beast.
So, Sandgropers: don’t be a dick and pay for a ticket. There are still some available right HERE, for only $99+bf.
Then go forth and party in good conscience.
Photo: Supplied.