Naughty Boy Teases New Song With Beyonce, Senses Set To ‘Tingling’

Beyonce has stayed pretty chill with the whole ‘releasing new music’ thing since she redefined how to drop an album back in December 2013.

Well, #BeyonceThirst is about to be relieved: Naughty Boy – best known for that cracker of a collab with Sam Smith, “La La La” – has just teased his upcoming Beyonce collab.

Here’s a whole 15 seconds of it, with Beyonce channeling James Bond in the opening Skyfall credits:

And here’s the accompanying artwork:

And here’s a full eight tweets that demonstrate the ~ vibe ~ of the track, which IDK, is called Lose It All or something? 

Naughty Boy is thoughtfully counting down the hours till the track drops (25, at the time of writing), but meanwhile here’s the Sam Smith one to satiate your earbuds.

Picture: Twitter / Kevork Djansezian.