Last week Pedestrian spoke to the irrefutable hip hop genius Nas who is heading our way for the 2011 Good Vibrations Festival. We chatted about politics, ex-wives, growing up in the projects, getting rich, being super boss, smoking weed – all managed despite the fact he couldn’t really understand the Australian accent and may or may not have been very very stoned at the time. We asked Nas if there had ever been times when he considered quitting music which led to a discussion on other artistic pursuits he’s considered following in the past and at the moment, including acting and penning his life story…

Pedestrian [Discussing his recent appearance on Hawaii Five-O] Is acting something you want to pursue a bit more?
Nas Yeeeaah. I went at actin. I went at it in the Nineties – the late Nineties – and I haven’t done anything but I feel like it’s a good time [to do it]. I love movies and I feel like it’s a good time to get into movies.
Pedestrian So do you have any movie roles coming up?
Nas No. But I’m writing movies.
Pedestrian Really? Have you considered writing a book?
Nas Yeah I’m writing a book now.
Pedestrian What’s it about?
Nas It’s about me, my work and life.
Pedestrian So when will it be out?
Nas It’ll prob’ly be out next year.

His 1999 album I Am… was an autobiographical concept album with each track representing different stages in his life, including graphic crime stories and ghetto violence, the desperation of project living, making a shitload of money, sex, bling, death, hate, religion… – Nas has experienced near Shakespearean extremes of drama and turmoil throughout his 37-year-old life, so the story of his life would make Scar Tissue look like Winne The Pooh in comparison. Keep your ears to the floorboards on this one.

We’ll post the full interview this week.

Watch Nas play at 2011 Good Vibrations Festival dates:
Saturday 12 February – Centennial Park, Sydney
Sunday 13 February – The Nursery, Flemington Racecourse, Melbourne
Saturday 19 February – Parklands Showgrounds, Gold Coast
Sunday 20 February – Claremont Showground, Perth