My Top Five Music Videos: Nathan From Faker

Faker will be releasing a new album in 2011 and to give us a little insight into what inspires them, loose-hipped ginger sex symbol Nathan has sent us his five favourite videos… For the next three weeks, as Faker prepare to unleash new music on the world, fans of the band will have the opportunity to visit The Back Lot (AKA virtual trove of tunes from the past) at and stream or download a track in the vault every 3 days and if you don’t you will die.
Sike! You won’t die at all I was only being a faker. Faker? Ho ho ho! (Sigh.)

PJ Harvey- The Words That Maketh Murder
“I believe the times we live in can be pretty unsettling, maybe PJ Harvey does too… It feels important to challenge the nature of these times through art and help them move a bit differently. Music and art may not be about answering questions, but they’re definitely wonderful tools for drawing attention to what might need looking at. PJ Harvey uses these tools with grace, style and dignity.”

Ratatat – Party With Children
“Ratatat’s LP4 is a Jam. I like the bird in this video. I think that the bird in this video might be the best frontman I’ve ever seen. I like Ratatat’s subtle use of medieval themes. I like juice.”

Dum Dum Girls- There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
“I love this Smiths song. The Dum Dum Girls seem to get it. I’ve danced around my bedroom and the shower to this version. I’m not sure if this video is made by them or a fan, but whoever thought of putting this scene, from this film, together with this song, obviously loves the song too. The scene is from a (1967) film called ‘le samourai’ which I will be heading out to watch pronto.”

Blur- Girls And Boys
“This was the first video that made me realise that you didn’t have to look depressed if you were in a band. A simple and concise message set to a nice beat. I’ve loved them ever since.”

Rock To The Beat
“If you don’t like this then you are not my friend. Music is about people, and we like it when it makes us want to dance… This is from a Detroit local television dance show that ran through the 80’s and 90’s. It’s truly ace. It’s made all the better by the people screaming as they dance. And, it makes my day better.”