Don’t Panic, There’s Still Hope For Music Venues If We All Rally Behind ‘Em

music venues

Now look we don’t want to point any fingers but a *certain* state in Australia seems hellbent on killing our vibe.

Rest assured though that Aussies are some serious battlers and if there’s one thing we love, it’s live music at local venues. It doesn’t even have to be particularly good music, just as long as we can listen to tunes for a few hours, nursing our bevs and silently cursing at that tall bloke ignoring your constant jabs to the back of his knees.

So, with our favourite past-time (and more importantly, people’s livelihoods) at risk, here are some ways we can ensure that live music doesn’t move a muscle. Stay strong, Australia. (Stay stronger, NSW.)


This isn’t exactly a revelation but it is a necessity. Gather your mates and get your asses out there more. Don’t know the band? Who the hell cares? You’re either going to be spending the night at home jerking off into the kitchen sink or you’re going to be out with your friends broadening your taste in music.

I mean, if you really have your heart set on the kitchen sink thing, just do it earlier – problem solved.


The Don’t Kill Live Music rally was outstanding – thousands of punters rocked up to protest the cancellation of Mountain Sounds Festival and the signs people brought with them were genius.

But it doesn’t stop there – one rally can only make an impression for so long, so we need to keep hustling. Plus, if it was anything like Don’t Kill Live Music, you can expect a ripper line-up too if it’s on a large enough scale.


If you’re stuck in a bit of a rut music-wise then you’re definitely not alone – it seems like such an easy option to listen to the same two albums on loop because you’re familiar with them and you can actually sing along.

But set aside time every day to explore your Spotify/radio channels/mate’s (probably poor) taste in music and get familiar with your local bands. The more bands you know, the more inclined you are to go see them and then bam – next thing you know you’re standing there copping sprays of sweat from the guitarist.


Do you know how much more stressful it is when you want to go out on a Friday or a Saturday (or a Monday-Thursday, I don’t discriminate) and you haven’t sorted out ya plans? I can guarantee you’ll go to your regular pub with your regular mates sipping regular bevs. It’s been done.

Buy tickets to gigs in advance so you actually have something to look forward to. Plus, it’ll be a cheaper night on the whole.

It also won’t hurt to keep an eye out for a lil’ something Jim Beam‘s planning too – if you want to do your bit to save your local venue, stay tuned.