Mr Porter Sets Eyes On Sydney’s Stylish Men

Mr Porter have released their latest ‘Style In The City’ portfolio, focusing on Sydney men.

The series documents some of the city’s most influential bros wearing clothing that you can click through to purchase. Which works wonders if you’ve ever wanted to perfect that detached Justin Hemmes look or effortless Steven Pavlovic swagger. We particularly like the idea that 23 year-old NIDA graduate Benedict Samuel would be able to afford Burberry Prorsum jeans and a Gucci sweater. Clearly the impending release of The Great Gatsby has flooded our creative industries with cash.

But our favourite has to be Icebergs owner Maurizio Terzini, possibly the only guy who actually looks bad-ass and makes us want to buy what he’s wearing. But hover over his necklace and the pop-up says ‘Coming Soon.’ Ergo, Terzini > Fashion. That’s one guy we want to emulate.

View the entire selection of Men Your Man Could Dress Like here.