MØ’s ‘Kamikaze’ Video Clip Is Essentially Budget ‘Mad Max’ Set In Ukraine

If you decided to film a budget version of Mad Max and soundtrack it with a happy pop tune about YOLO-ing all over the place, you’d probably arrive at something similar to the video clip for  and Diplo‘s new collab ‘Kamikaze.

They’ve just dropped it, and it features MØ on the streets of Kiev, Ukraine, throwing down burn-outs, bonfires, and general vibes of smashing shit up. It’s all very ~ young and wild and free ~ to tell you the truth, kind of like what would happen if the dudes from Skins dropped a punch of pingers, stole a car, and hot-footed it to eastern Europe.

“‘Kamikaze’ is a happy party song, but at the same time also about being lost and restless,” MØ said in a presser. “What I really like about this video is that it embraces both those aspects: the party vibe – the friendships and the happiness – but also the darkness, the craziness and the doom. And it’s not just the song that has that duality, it’s very much who I am.” 

Get it here:

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