Modular’s New Signing – Tame Impala

Modular is pretty much the quintessential steez machine, you know that – we know that. For a band, you spill ink over some 82987 page contract and in the matter of 1 email you’ve got boys, girls, fans, blogs, magazines and venues queuing to feel you up.

Tame Impala out of Perth are the lucky recipient of Modular’s “Newest Signing” tag, lucky them. All you have to do is suss their Myspace and you’ll know why; it’s the usual recipe of cute boys, a throwback sound that hasn’t been done in a while and a deep pool of youth.

Nah I like it, it’s dreamy, pretty and I can already see the bunch of cute femmy girls with cute haircuts waiting @ their merch stand to buy a tee. + It’s quite refreshing to not spot any familiar characters in their influences too.

Will they end up dead and buried after their EP flops, like the acts who’s place they’re filling? Or will they conquer the world like your favourite Modular artists have?

/ Speaking about youth and cute looks, when will Modular sign The Get Busy Crew?

Photo by Ryan Pierse via Getty