Modular Goes Hip-Hop

It’s becoming increasingly more apparent that the worlds of electro and hip-hop are converging, what with Yuksek and DJ Mehdi remixing Ghostface Killah, Busy P using crunk beats and everyone sampling shit out of Daft Punk. So it’s only natural that Australian lablel behind so many electronic stars, Modular Records, is getting in on things too.

Here’s the tracklist for Modular Remixed.

1. “Rio” (Boy 8-Bit Remix) – The Bumblebeez
2. “The Lake” (White Williams Sludge Remix) – Muscles
3. “F.A.N.” (Yo Majesty Remix) – New Young Pony Club
4. “This Boy’s In Love” (Kevin Saunderson Remix) – The Presets

This shiz is dropping on September 23rd and the only track I’m really dying to hear is that Yo! Majesty vs NYPC mix. That could be hot.