Model/DJ School

I’ve never judged a DJ’s talent by their looks, in fact looking at the volume of middle-aged coke heads manning the 1’s and 2’s in Ibiza, ugliness might improve your talent as a DJ. But if drop dead beauty in a DJ is an imperative look no further than StaDj the world’s first Model/DJ academy. This is so stupid, I can’t believe it’s real…

Their site explains:

America’s first talent agency fusing the world of fashion modelling and djing into 1. Backed by over 13 years of international DJ/nightlife experience StaDj creates, manages and books model DJs.

StaDj utilizes founder DJ EM’s signature training technique coined “StaDj Technique” by over 600 devoted students.

StaDj combines superior education with PR and promotions, talent management and branding in a 1-stop NYC-based talent agency like none other in North America.

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