Moby Wants to Teach You a Thing or Two About Music

Moby. He’s played over 3,000 gigs, sold more than 20 million albums worldwide, had a cameo in How I Met Your Mother (well, not-Moby did), he’s about to release his ELEVENTH studio album… Oh, and the little idiot is going to be a Pedestrian Coach! 
Hitting up our big brown land just before Innocents (that’s the 11th album) drops later this month, Moby will be swinging by Pedestrian HQ to give you all a lesson in wearing glasses music production. But more on that later.
Working for the #firsttimever with a producer (buddy Mark “Spike” Stent whose resume includes Madonna, U2 and Muse), Moby decided to revisit his early days with Innocents. Boasting a stellar cast of guests including the mariachi-dressing Wayne Coyne (The Flaming Lips) and alt-rock legend Mark Lanegan, Innocents is epic, emotional and totally hammers down the fact that he is one of the most ingenious creative forces of our time. 
If you were lucky enough to score yourself a ticket to his one-and-only appearance in Oz at the teensy-tiny (by Moby standards) Chinese Laundry, well then.. good for you. If you didn’t though, and before you go heading to not-Moby’s party, sign up for the next best thing – his Pedestrian Coach session on music production
Hear the man himself chat about music, production and how he ‘accidentally’ sold millions of albums worldwide. You’ll also get the chance to ask him a question or two, so make ‘em count! Sign up now!
Innocents hits stores (of both the physical and virtual kind) on Friday 27 September.