MJ movie ‘This Is It’ trailer

When I first saw the link to this trailer I thought ‘Fuck- who the hell did they cast as MJ and how the hell have I not heard about it?’

Then I realised what was actually going on.

Michael Jackson †This Is It’- the movie, isn’t like most movies. Then again, Michael Jackson wasn’t like most people. The movie/documentary is made up of footage from the King Of Pop’s last tour rehearsals and is only showing in theaters for 2 weeks.

(Insert cash register sounds here)

The trailer was premiered at the recent 2009 VMA’s amidst booming applause and shows amazing, never before seen footage of MJ pulling some moves to classics such as †Billie Jean’, †Smooth Criminal’, †Bad’ and †Man In The Mirror’, along with commentary from the legend himself.

The film was pulled from more than 100 hours of behind the scenes footage and is set to hit US theatres on October 28.