Missy Higgins Spent Her Weekend Busking In The Melbourne CBD & Doesn’t That Sound Familiar

Imagine you’re walking down Degraves Street in Melbourne and you spot an amazing busker who, upon closer inspection, is none other than the scar queen herself Missy Higgins performing her 2004 classic “Ten Days”.

That’s exactly what happened to one Aussie Redditor who stumbled upon an impromptu gig from Missy which sounded nothing short of, well, familiar.

“Was very baffled by how, what looked like a busker, had gotten permission to do such a set up there, and then [I] continued to think about what a great cover this gal was doing, until it hit me and I had to sit down,” they wrote on Saturday.

“That’s when I recorded this briefly for posterity. Hope y’all enjoy!”

Impromptu Mini Gig by the legend Missy Higgins in Degraves St today.
by u/callumzero in melbourne

As it turns out, Missy wasn’t just busking as a one-off, either.

Her public performance was part of a whole bunch of surprise appearances around the CBD organised by the City of Melbourne, the Victorian state government and Mushroom Group to bring live music back to the city after this depressing shitshow of a year.

“How did you spend your arvo, Melbourne? I spent mine busking around the CBD,” Missy wrote on Insta.

“Although nobody tipped me, but maybe that’s because I forgot to put out a hat…”

It’s always nice stumbling across a gig by an incredibly talented muso. When that performer also happens to an incredible person in general who radiates that energy to passers-by in the street, even better.

Melbourne Lord Mayor Sally Capp put it this way: “There’s nothing more Melbourne than walking down your favourite laneway and discovering something new and exciting.”

Looks like summer’s gonna be alright, mates.

So far, Daryl Braithwaite and Gordi have also given a couple of surprise on-street performances as part of the program.

Who’s up next is anyone’s guess. That is the point of a surprise, after all.