Like metal father, like metal son.

Metallica remain one of the biggest and most enduring live acts on the planet, routinely playing gargantuan outdoor stages in parts of the world where metal is king (aka ‘all of it’). But when they’re not all busy being middle aged and crazy, they’ve got kids to raise on blast beats, gallop strumming, and pinch harmonics. Just as the good, goat-skulled overlord of hell intended. Traditional family values.

Bassist Robert Trujillo has himself a 12-year-old mini-me by the name of Tye who, by all accounts, has inherited every ounce of his old man’s musical talent and then some.

The young lad’s a fair wunderkind on the bass himself, and his band of peewee headbangers The Helmets has made a swathe of appearances at high-profile gigs, including the likes of Austin City Limits, would you believe.

Turns out the young man’s career is about to get a huge boost. One you’d have to be bloody BLIND (*rimshot.gif*) to miss.

Korn, who are still a band, are heading down to South America this month to perform in Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Peru, and Argentina. Their usual and long-term bass player Fieldy has had to pull out due to unforseen circumstances. But in his place? The 12-year-old legend Tye himself.

‘Course trusting a pre-teen with bass-playing duties on a major international tour might seem like a severe roll of the dice on paper. But the kid can seriously go. Cop this, and prepare to give up music forever.

What, you didn’t realise metal could be the cutest shit in the world? Here’s Rob and Tye playing on stage together. WEEP AT IT’S ADORABLE-NESS.

Robert Trujillo. The raddest of all the Rad Dads.

Source: Consequence of Sound.

Photo: Robert Trujillo/Facebook.