Mercy Arms Over?

For such a young band brimming with potential Mercy Arms have enjoyed the career trajectory of a rollercoaster. From the heights of local critical acclaim and a tsunami of buzz which saw them support The Pixies to the lows of abandoned record deals the Sydney four-piece have had their share of roadblocks – self imposed or otherwise.

Perhaps magnified by the relationship strain of their recent jaunt overseas this has culminated, if their Wikipedia is to be believed, in the band splitting up citing creative differences between singer Thom Moore and lead guitarist Kirin J. Callinan (who maintains a plethora of side projects including his solo work and Fashion Launches Rocket Launches).

Their wiki states: “Mercy Arms broke up in February 2009 after touring with the Big Day Out for the second time in two years. This is mainly credited to Callinan and Moore’s creative differences. Side projects include ‘Fashion Launchers Rocket Launchers’, ‘The Nevada Strange’ and ‘Kirin J. Callinan’.”

Check out their most flogged pop-perfect jam and a Pedestrian interview below…

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