PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with Menulog to get around the #DeliverItDifferently TikTok challenge.

Remixes are their own art-form, as musicians tease out new joys only hinted at in the original, taking the whole track in bold, exciting, weird directions. That doesn’t mean they always do that – sometimes we just put an ‘808 behind a ballad and call it a day – but when a remix hits, it’s absolute magic.

Menulog has clearly received word that remixes can elevate a banger, so they want us super talented, super pretty Aussies to give their current jingle a little pizzazz.

If you know your way around TikTok, you’re in luck. Dubbed the #DeliverItDifferently TikTok competition, Menulog’s asking budding singers and rappers (hell, isn’t that everyone and their aunt?) to rework their classic jingle with Snoop Dogg.

A lucky winner will cop a hugegigantic, ginormous recording prize worth $25k. Oh yes, you read that with your peepers correctly: the winner will be flown to Sydney or Melbourne for a full day of recording with an industry pro, and another half-day on top of that to wrap your remix up into a full-blown, fully-profesh banger.

Here’s the OG vid that started it all:


Duet with Big Twisty and #DeliverItDifferently to win a recording prize of a lifetime! T&C’s apply.

♬ Did Somebody Say? – Big Twisty

Who woulda thunk that your friendly neighbourhood food delivery service could actually be your ticket to stardom? Not this little untalented duck.

Truly, all you need is a phone, a camera (usually attached to said phone) and some sort of tech that will let you record your voice (also probably your phone), and you could be mingling with the creme de la creme of music if you play your cards right.

If you have the tools but don’t know where to begin, here’s a little inspo for ya:


Ordering Food + #duetchallenges = ????, so we couldn’t miss this one! Duet with @Big Twisty now to win, thanks to @Menulog #DeliverItDifferently ad

♬ original sound – h3rizonmusic

Getting the gist? As ol’ mate who got lost on a jetski famously says, another one:


me and my broken fridge entered a songwriting competition 🙂 #singer #duet #spon #DeliverItDifferently #songwriter

♬ Did Somebody Say? – Big Twisty

Inspired. When life gives you a bung fridge, turn it into a certified banger.

To really drive home the endless possibilities of this challenge, here’s uno more:


#DeliverItDifferently @menulog #trentvine

♬ Did Somebody Say? – Big Twisty

To all the future Beyoncés, Rihannas and Rockys of the world, pick up that damn phone and start recording your best singing or speaking voice. Enunciate, people.

Just, uh, don’t forget to include the hashtag #DeliverItDifferently when you upload your remix to TikTok, otherwise it’ll get lost on the world wide web.

Don’t forget the little people when you become a star.

Image: Demolition