Memory Tapes Remixes Phoenix Ghost Writes Pop Songs

I just got off the phone with Dayve Hawk aka Memory Tapes the one man band responsible for my favourite and most listened to album of 2009 – Seek Magic. Besides discussing self-imposed isolation, skewed media perspectives and the creative process behind his euphoric debut as Memory Tapes Hawk let slip of some forthcoming remixes for Gucci Mane, Dem Get Away Boyz (for the Cartoon Network weirdly enough) and Phoenix. A musical inevitability considering Phoenix were the most reworked act of ’09 while Hawk was the most prolific remixer.

More interestingly Hawk then revealed that he either works on remixes, his own stuff or “other stuff”. When I asked about what “other stuff” entailed Hawk alluded to a secret career as a Pop song Ghost Writer: “This is weird territory where I’m usually never allowed to talk about it so I don’t even know how much I can answer it. But sometimes I get chances to write for people, submit tracks for bigger pop singer type people so I do that but I’m usually never allowed to say that I’m doing it.”

Look out for a full Memory Tapes interview (featuring some light psychoanalyzing) on Pedestrian soon.