A Melbourne band have claimed a victory over email scammers everywhere, turning the tables on a dodgy attempt at online fraud by tricking the scammer himself into unknowingly requesting one of their songs on Triple J.

ALTA is an indie-electronic duo from our fair southern city and when their band email account was hit with one of those ‘Nigerian Prince Who Wants To Give You Money If You Send Your Credit Card Number’-style emails, band member Jules saw an oppurtunity to scam a scammer, telling PTV:

“Well this barrister reached out to me on email to offer me an opportunity worth $10.2M! Strangely enough this opportunity coincided with the release of our new single ‘Fix It’. When it rains it pours right? Because he’s such a highly respected barrister I thought I’d try to get him to do me a favour and request our new single in to triple j.”

Masquerading as a kindly, technologically-stunted old man, i.e. the kind of person who unfortunately might still fall for such a shithouse ruse in this day and age, Jules replied requesting that, before they commence their financial trnasactions, Barrister Kojjo Bayo (ripping name, by the way) prove that he isn’t a robot by texting his wife proof.
Obviously so used to piss-poor email scams that he couldn’t see the epic swindling about to come his way, old mate went ahead and bloody well did it, unaware he was actually texting national yoof radio Triple J’s request line, asking them to play ALTA’s newest single ‘Fixit’.
Kudos to ALTA for throwing down the ruckus on those trying to fraud the elderly, and getting their (seriously great btw) single a bit of a boost at the same time.
You, like Barrister Kojo Bayo, can help support upcoming Aussie talent by grabbing the single here. The band are also playing at next Thursday night at Splendour in the Grass if you want to congratulate their scamming achievements IRL.

Picture: Twitter / Joanne The Scammer.