Melbourne’s Live Music Scene Comes Out On Top In State’s Red Tape Reforms

In addition to the end of a frankly inhumane ban on selling plastic knives to minors that prevents them from purchasing picnic sets and the abolition of draconian laws prohibiting tourists from taking part in thrilling Segway tours, the Victorian State Government will today announce 36 red tape reforms anticipated to also greatly improve the status and promote the growth of Melbourne’s storied Live Music Scene.

According to today’s Age, at the eleventh hour last year the Napthine government vowed to implement “an ‘agent-of-change’ planning principle, which will provide certainty to live music venues that clash with new residents over noise complaints”; making it easier for smaller venues to host live music by relaxing stringent guidelines and cutting out the middle men where liquor licensing and soundproofing are concerned.

Under the imminent reforms, new residents who move areas boasting a thriving Live Music Scene will have to shoulder the cost of having their converted studio spaces soundproofed; vice versa, if a venue like a wine bar or a frozen yoghurt franchise began hosting live music events in a residential area, it would be their responsibility to cough up for soundproofing to “improve the amenity.”

“The hospitality sector will see the removal of an unnecessary regulation that requires liquor licensees to apply for approval to hold alcohol-free underage concerts on licensed premises, while other processes, including those around hosting live music, will be simplified,” according to acting Premier and Minister for State Development Peter Ryan.

The majority of the changes are expected to be implemented by July, with the remaining fourteen expected to be put in place by the end of the year. Can you hear that Melbourne? No? Exactly. That’s the sound of adequately soundproofed change; that, and youths sampling the delights of al fresco dining on a Segway. Bliss.
Here’s hoping these reforms go some way toward continuing the great Melburnian tradition of writing and performing songs about Melbourne. 
via The Age
Photo: Solange killing it at the Prince Bandroom last night by Graham Denholm via Getty