MCR Guitarist Frank Iero Says He’s “Banged Up” After Shock Sydney Bus Crash

Yesterday brought the reasonably bizarre news that former My Chemical Romance guitarist Frank Iero was involved in a serious crash in the Sydney CBD, when a bus slammed into the back of his band frnkiero andthe patience‘s tour van.

Frank has tweeted to confirm that yes, he’s doing ok, though he is banged up and in shock:

NSW cops say that the bus slammed into the back of the band’s van while three men were unloading equipment from it. Two of these men were taken to hospital in a serious but stable condition, while one of them escaped injury altogether. Names weren’t provided, but Iero’s tweet essentially confirms that he was one of ’em.

The band’s bassist Alexander Paul confirmed via Twitter that he wasn’t involved:

One of the men injured was airlifted to St Vincent’s Hospital, and the other was taken by road.  All tickets to Iero’s Thursday night show at the Metro Theatre were refunded after the gig was cancelled.

The driver of the bus was not transporting any passengers and he has been taken in for mandatory tests. More on this story as it develops.

Source: 9 News.
Photo: Getty Images.