Matt McGorry’s Bro Channelled Donald Trump’s Assholery Into One Banger

Arguably perfect human Matt McGorry has, unbeknownst to us till this moment, a potentially perfect brother. His name is Craig McGorry and as it turns out, something of an amateur musician and passionate Donald Trump non-enthusiast. Who knew?

He’s made a track for his technology in music education class at Columbia University dedicated to how much of an asshole the Republican front-runner (what is this world we live in) is, sampling an audio of the mayor of Philadelphia calling him exactly that.

“It’s a little rough in terms of GB skills, but the idea comes across, I hope,” Craig wrote on Soundcloud.

He uploaded the track 20 days ago, but has barely 100 listens until bro Matt tweeted it, so…


$100 says Donald Trump surfaces on Twitter in the next 24 hours to talk shit about the McGorry’s. You just bloody wait.

Photo: Tom Pennington / Getty / CNN.