Matt Corby Drops First Single From Upcoming “Willy Wonka-Inspired” Album

It’s been a hot minute since we heard the honeyed voice of Matt Corby, and after teasing us all with a solemn black and white picture on his Twitter, he’s officially back with the single No Ordinary Life‘.

[jwplayer 1MUiOSjB]

It’s the first track off an album that Corby’s due to release later this year, the name of which he is keeping close to his chest.

Corby gave the first listen to Triple J fans on yesterday’s Breakfast with Ben & Liam, noting to the boys that he and his co-conspirator Dann Hume used Willa Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the original, with Gene Wilder) as a litmus test for how ethereal and psychedelic the album should be. How can they up the ante on the mind-bending? Add in some ASMR-level mellotron harp sounds. Why not. Go right down that technicolour tunnel in a steamboat on a chocolate river that a small German boy just half-drowned in. Sure.

Matt explains the reasoning behind using Willy Wonka as a driving force for the album’s melodies:

For some reason when you say Willy Wonka, it sets a mood – this magical, hyper-melodic, crooning, beautiful thing, a journey into the whimsical.

The track itself reminds me a lot of earlier Miike Snow, with Corby sounding vocally a lot less strained, lending himself to sounding a bit more like a velvety Andrew Wyatt. There’s a trip-hop beat that keeps the track moving, as Corby’s vocals weave through your ears and reverberate around your brain and your soul.

It’s a bit of a different step for Corby, who’s expecting his first child soon (!!!) and has been soothing us with folksy acoustic for many years. If this mushroom-psych trip is the first taste of what’s to come, then sign me the hell up babey.

Check out the track below, or find your preferred streaming platform over HERE.