Matt & Alex Gave Their ‘Brekkie’ Replacements A Gentle Grilling On Triple J

So there’s some pretty big changes going down over at national youth broadcaster Triple J at the moment as they gee up to launch their shiny new 2017 presenter lineup, and none as huge as the swapping out of super popular mad dawgs Matt & Alex in the coveted breakfast spot for two freshers from Adelaide named Ben & Liam.

Yesty we had a bit of a snoop of our own to find out who the actual hell these two young guns are, but this morning we got a smidge more of an idea about our new breakfast radio overlords, when the duo had their first face-to-face (well radio-studio-to-radio-studio) grilling from the incumbents.
Unlike Obama’s frosty as shit meeting with President-Elect Fuckhead though, the meeting between the fellas went down with zero shade, with Matt and Alex bonding with their younger versions over their shared, borderline creepy, love for Darude’s ‘Sandstorm’ before pretty much handing over the mics and letting the newbies give a brief self-intro.
Listen to the next generation of Triple J hooligans introduce themselves, their lives and their parents full names and occupations for some reason, below.
Ben & Liam take the reins of Triple J ‘Brekkie’, early 2017.
Image: Triple J