Marvel In The Magnificence That Was Melbourne’s Leg Of Laneway Festival 2016

Melbourne and St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival share a kinship of sorts – both are super chill and super, like, cool (’n shit). Due to this, it serves to reason that the Victorian leg of the festival is especially turnt. Our mates at Life Without Andy got their usual photog on and have confirmed our suspicions. 
If you had, say, a few too many bevies at the event and can’t remember who served you that fucked up decent feed, odds are it was one of these legends: Mr Miyagi’s, BeatBox Kitchen, Burn City Smokers, Chillbro Paletas, Taco Truck, Slice Girls West, Franklins Classic American, Gelato Messina, Gyoza Records, Juanita Peaches, Kaisers Sausages, Mr Calamaro, Nuocmarnas and Rice and Dice.
Check out the gallery above for the day’s highlights.
Photos: Ducan Jakob / Life Without Andy.