Here’s a huge mouthful of music people’s names: Mark Ronson has posted a photo to Instagram of Tame Impala frontman Kevin Parker and Lady Gaga in a studio with Justin Bieber producer BloodPop AKA Blood Diamond AKA BLOOD.


A photo posted by Mark Ronson (@iammarkronson) on

The photo, mysteriously captioned “Illusion”, gives pretty much exactly nothing away – but given the collection of talent in the room and the fact that handsome Perth boy Kevin is standing in front of a synthesizer, means we could be on track for a very weird collab.

Parker, who writes and records all the Tame Impala stuff by himself, in an unabashed fan of pop music and Lady Gaga was briefly (and might even still be) the Queen of Pop, so that would make for a pretty sensible combo.

In addition to that Mark Ronson did that one really cool song (“Bang Bang Bang“, duh) and BLOOD has produced pretty much every banger pop album from the last 2 years (but doesn’t seem to have a Wikipedia page?), so if they are making something it’s probably going to be at least a bit danceable.

If not, that’s just a bunch of cool people in the same room. Because I’ve got nothing to actually link you to, here’s a Lady Gaga song synced perfectly with a Meshuggah song:

Photos: Getty Images / Chris McKay, Getty Images / Gareth Cattermole.