Mark Ronson Is Casually Headed To Sydney Next Month For A One-Off Gig

After releasing his fifth studio album, Late Night Feelings, with a plethora of excellent women lending their vocals for the collection of post-break up sad bangers, your fave Mark Ronson is sneakily headed down under for a one-off show in Sydney next month.

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A man who’s had an incredible professional life in the last couple of years or so – I mean come on he co-wrote ‘Shallow‘ with Lady GagaBradley Cooper and Andrew Wyatt from Miike Snow – Mark will be bringing his record collection, Big Not-Dad Energy, and catalogue of huge hits to Sydney’s Marquee at The Star for a very special Nova Red Room on July 8.

A Monday night rager? Surely Mark Ronson is the only person who can pull this off.

The man’s worked with just about everyone under the sun; Bruno MarsAmy WinehouseNate DoggKing PrincessMiley CyrusLykke LiDiploDua LiaRobbie WilliamsBoy George, and our very own Kevin Parker to name but a teeny tiny few. Can you even imagine this man’s contact list in his phone? Jesus H Christmas.

Mark Ronson is also the kind of producer who’s active in supporting his faves, too. At Coachella this year, I spotted him watching King Princess’ set, taking photos and videos, and sporting King Princess merch like some kind of proud dad.

I also clocked him at BLACKPINKDJ Snake, and then bright and early at Kanye‘s Sunday Service, which just made me feel like I had a good taste in music, you know? Please appreciate me very visibly internally screaming in this photo we had together.

Mark also explicitly called us out on his Instagram at Coachella, for our excellent recon work over the festival (read: me filming and zooming in on him at every given opportunity.)

Keep calm, everyone. Keep CALM.

The man knows how to get around his peers, and we stan a supportive friend.

If you wanna try and get into the Red Room performance, head on over to the Red Room website and throw your hat in the ring.

I saw him years ago in Prince Alfred Park/Equality Green, and he brought out a couple of special guests, so who knows what he has up his sleeve for this special gig at Marquee.

For the record, yes, I will be sitting in my house in Melbourne being extremely filthy that I’m not having a Monday night boogie to ‘Bout To Get Ugly. It’s fine, I’m FINE.

Jks, this is me.

Well HANG ON, It’s looking like Mark has heard my whinging through the internet, and has confirmed that he’ll be bringing his Club Heartbreak to two nights over Sydney and Melbourne as well.

It’s a very-limited capacity, so if you want to head along to the Syd night at Oxford Arts Factory on July 10 or the Melb one at Howler on July 11 (yes, hello, me please), with all ticket proceeds going to Support Act.