Mariah Carey’s Drunken Acceptance Speech

I never truly understood what the phrase “so wrong it’s right” meant until I watched this video. It’s like watching a car crash. A car crash between Mariah Carey and a truckload of vodka. It’s so mind-blowing I want to propose to it.

Originally upwards of seven minutes the below is a 100 second abridgment of Mariah Carey’s slurred and erratic Breakthrough Actress acceptance speech at the Palm Springs International Film Festival. She’s inebriated, obviously, and it’s all time.

Though the ramifications of this video are yet to be fully realized we predict that in the near future people will make “Where were you the first time you watched Mariah Carey drunkenly accept an award for acting” t-shirts. We’ll show this to our grandchildren on their hovering hologram laptops and they’ll say “Mariah who?”. People will devise belief systems based on this video. Damn, this video needs to accept its own award while drunk because it’s just that good.