Mariah Carey Claps Back As Sources Say Her Botched NYE Gig Was “Sabotaged”

Mariah Carey‘s botched performance at the disastrously named Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve With Ryan Seacrest had media and the internet alike in a buzz, with fans and not-quite-fans taking to social media to criticise her gig.

Basically, she was lip-syncing the performance, and thanks to problems with her ear pieces was unable to stay in time with her own backing rig. It was awkward, sure, but she carried on “going through the motions” and later said at least tried to be a “good sport” about it.

Yet for her troubles, she was dragged to hell and back.

Mariah’s team are now claiming that Dick Clark Productions deliberately sabotaged her performance for ratings, hoping to cash in on the celeb’s diva persona.

Sources told TMZ that she and her team repeatedly complained to execs that her earpieces were not working but were met with no avail.

Mariah can clearly be seeing struggling to hear Ryan Seacrest in an interview an hour before, telling him “it’s hard for me to hear you”, and during her performance even ripped an earpiece out to attempt to hear the music from the stage.

Dick Clark Productions have dismissed these claims as “silly“, claiming – among other things – that there were eight monitors on stage to amplify the music so even without an inner ear, she should have been able to hear just fine.

There’s no ~official~ word from Mariah’s team, but the girl’s clapback game is strong.

Here’s the performance again, if your poor, sweet heat can handle it.

Photo: Dick Clark Productions.