Mariah Carey Bravely Addresses Global Concern: “Abusive” Overhead Lighting

Bleeding hearts unite for diva supreme Mariah Carey, who cannot catch a break.

First, she’s struck down by a debilitating medical condition known as ‘Richarmitis’ – it affects just 1% of the world’s population and, in Mimi’s case, is the result of extreme stress to her body caused by the 35-carat engagement ring from fiancé James Packer – and bravely speaks out about the pain associated with a ring so heavy “I can’t lift my arm up”.

Now, she’s brought worldwide awareness to an oft-ignored issue plaguing aging women everywhere: the less-than-flattery effects of overhead lighting.
In an interview with The Sunday Times’ Style Magazine, conducted at her giant rented mansion in LA, the soon-to-be reality TV star opened up about her long battle with extreme lighting.

“I am a pretty insecure person. But I have to get over that because this is the reality of my life. I look better than I looked a few months ago, but I am definitely not one of those people who says, ‘I look amazing today,’” she said, gently segwaying into the crux of the issue.
“I have to point out this is a rented house – I would never have overhead lighting. High hats, they call them. In my apartment in New York, it’s all recessed lighting, chandeliers, candles. This lighting is abusive.” 
Just to clarify:

Bless you and your bravery, Mimi.
Photo: Getty / Scott Barbour.