Man Accused Of Urinating On Woman At Spiderbait Gig Denies Responsibility

A man accused of urinating on a woman at a packed Spiderbait gig in 2016 has today denied he was responsible for the incident earlier today in the Melbourne Magistrates Court.
26-year-old Joel Morrison was charged with displaying disorderly conduct, behaving in an offensive manner, and unlawful assault following the incident which occurred at the Billboards Nightclub in the Melbourne CBD in February 2016.
33-year-old Victorian woman Belle Nolan detailed the incident, which occurred while Spiderbait were playing, in which she reportedly caught the accused in the act. At the time, she described the (frankly disgusting) incident thusly:

“At first I thought someone had spilt their drink on me, then I realised it was warm.

I looked up and saw this guy looking at me, doing up his fly and I realised he had urinated on me. I was in shock.”

“He just smirked and shrugged his shoulders like it was no big deal.

It was weird, it was as though it was kind of like a bit of a minor inconvenience, as though it was normalised or something.

People thought it was bad, but they kept watching the gig.”

Lawyers for Mr. Morrison today told the court that the police prosecution’s case was “weak,” and was “not going to get any better,” due to the reliance on CCTV footage.

The police case is based on footage captured by security cameras which shows Morrison being ejected from the venue by security staff after Nolan’s friends alerted them to the incident. Police had previously released the footage from the night in a bid to track down who was responsible.
Outside court today, Nolan spoke to media and asserted that Morrison appeared to have “no respect for women.”

“It just seems he’s taken no responsibility and has absolutely no respect for women. I and other girls should be able to go out at night and not be worried that some guy’s going to whip his penis out and urinate on us.”

Spiderbait condemned the incident shortly after the story first broke in an impassioned Facebook post, stating they were “dumbfounded.”

The case was adjourned until July 25th, where it will go to trial.

Source: The Age.