How To Get Your Hands On Limited Student Tix To See Mallrat, CXLOE & JXN Perform At Swinburne


Lend me your ears, future uni students, there’s a once-in-a-lifetime gig going down that you genuinely can’t miss.

If you’ve been neck-deep in uni research, sussing out courses and fussing over your final results, Swinburne’s here to offer you a reprieve – throwing a ‘uge live event at the Hawthorn campus featuring sets from Mallrat, CXLOE and JXN.

With the support of Rolling Stone Australia, Swinburne’s gig will be only available to people who register for this year’s Change Of Preference (COP) Expo and will kick off from 3pm on December 17, straight after the initial expo which runs between 10am and 3pm that same day.

It’s a whole damn After Party, babay.

Given Swinburne’s firmly planted at the forefront of creativity, it’s no surprise they managed to secure three huge triple j darlings for the momentous event. It’ll be the cherry on top after a day of learning, living, laughing, eating, praying and loving.

Alright, the praying not so much, but there will in fact be food trucks on the day so you will be eating. The COP Expo itself is designed to give potential students all the info they need to make an educated decision (which can fall under both the learning and living umbrellas), and attendees can chat to a smorgasbord of course experts about their options depending on the ATAR they received – a huge comfort for those who weren’t super stoked with the outcome.

You’ll also get a feel for everything the Swinburne campus has to offer, from its state-of-the-art facilities to the always-convenient location, and perhaps most importantly, you’ll get to rub shoulders with people who might end up being in the same class as you. Who knows, if every 90s romcom is accurate, this could be the start of your next great love.

Just make sure you do actually speak to the course experts when you get a chance – as we mentioned, chatting to someone in person can be super beneficial if you’re still a little unsure of what you want to do. The last thing you want is to be stuck in a course next year that you’re not loving.

Once the day aspect of the COP Expo has wrapped, it’s officially party time. Get sweaty and bask in the smugness of knowing you’re a little clearer on what you wanna do at uni.

It’s been a bland ride for a while now, so it’s time to let off some steam.

The only way to get access to tickets is by simply logging your details and a few other bits and pieces over at Swinburne’s registration page right now.

If you do miss out on tickets, make sure to catch Mallrat when she hits the For The Love festival stage on Feb 19 – you’re gonna be in for a treat and a half.