If you’ve had this story completely fly over your head, here’s a quick recap.

*takes deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep breath*

On Tuesday, Melbourne-based graphic designer Lindor Jonuzi, 19, was torn a new one on social media after being caught impersonating women to gain access to sexually explicit images from a closed, female-only Facebook page before sharing them direct to a secret lads’ group.

Major Aussie DJ Agency Stresses Pro-Women Stance After Staffer Leaks Nudes

Writer Brandon Cook called out Jonuzi after he bragged about infiltrating a bunch of groups like Melbourne Soul Sisters – in which women generally shoot the breeze and occasionally post nudes or partial-nudes of themselves for positive affirmation from fellow members – “through fake female accounts” and expressed the very tasteful, gentlemanly desire to “post quality content to roast sluts”.

In a public FB message to Jonuzi’s employer – Aussie-based global dance music talent agency, Lucky Ent, who reps the likes of Tigerlily, Mashd N Kutcher and Joel Fletcher – Cook exposed him as someone “in the business of impersonating women on Facebook” and demanded something be done.

Dear Lucky Ent.It would appear that one of your designers, Lindor Jonuzi, is in the business of impersonating women on…

Posted by Brandon Cook on Monday, March 14, 2016

Lucky Ent was quick to act, immediately terminating Jonuzi’s employment and posting an FB msg stressing the company “does not condone this individual’s behaviour in any way, shape or form.”

In the company’s only official statement, Lucky Ent’s director Luke Udorovic condemned Jonuzi’s actions to PEDESTRIAN.TV, stating in no uncertain terms that there’s zero tolerance for that kind of bshit within its workplace culture.

‘This type of behavior has no place in our society and we will never allow it under our roof,” he said.

“Women are an integral part of our organization and we will not stand for them being mistreated in any way shape or form.”

And that’s how you disarm a potential PR bomb in A+ style.

Major Aussie DJ Agency Stresses Pro-Women Stance After Staffer Leaks Nudes

Photo: Instagram / @luckyent.