While on tour supporting Maggie Rogers in Europe, literal perfect delight Mallrat has laid down a gorgeous cover of a Lana Del Rey classic, with Maggie very casually on backup vocals. If you’re having a crappy day, let this wash over you and heal your heart.

Now we know that Maggie is partial to a good duet/singalong after we caught wind of that perfect moment she had with everyone’s ethereal, other-worldly aunt, Florence Welch, so being blessed once again with two angels harmonising over a slow burner song like ‘Video Games‘ is almost too much for my heart to handle.

During Mallrat’s set at the Mojo Club in FrankfurtGermany, the pair stripped things right back to basics for a rendition of the colossal 2012 sad girl hit, with just their voices and Maggie’s guitarist Elle Puckett carrying the soulful vibe.

Look I know we’ve already said that we want an album of Maggie and Florence duets but how about Maggie, Florence, and Mallrat? Or a Maggie Rogers & All of Her Friends album, where she does dreamy songs with a heap of other artists? Just get her on everything, thanks.

Here’s another angle of the cover, and goodness me I want this to happen so bad because LOOK at how perfect they all are, it’s illegal.

Image: Getty Images / Gus Stewart / AAP / Dew Process