You know, it’s tough getting old as a music fan. You gotta wait for the superstars of yesteryear to pull themselves out of their million dollar mansions, get on a plane and do an Australian tour once every five years or so. And then you’re too old to sit there for three hours waiting for the act to come onstage.

That’s what’s been going down at Madonna’s Australian shows on her current ‘Rebel Heart’ tour. First she was accused of being very late and very drunk at her Melbourne show. Now she’s copping flak for making Brisbane fans wait until 11:20pm for her to appear on a bloody school night.

She was apparently due to kick off at 8pm, but fans were told she wasn’t showing up onstage until 10:30pm, and then she kept ’em waiting for another fifty minutes. The situation had clearly become truly dangerous and unacceptable:

The worst part? Apparently Brisbane public transport wasn’t ready to accommodate a late finishing time, and the last train from Boondall left at 12:17am, while the concert was still going. If you’ve ever been in that situation after a big stadium show, you’ll known that it is a chastening experience.

Midge was pretty unrepentant in the face of enormous tired baby boomer rage. “I’m hardly ever late. It’s you people that get here early that’s the problem,” she joked. “Just come late and I won’t have to come early.”

It’s time to bow our heads in silent prayer for the mums and dads who left early, unable to wait. Sad, sad days.

Source: Channel Nine

Image: Getty Images / Graham Denholm