Madonna Asks The Internet To “Send Photo” In Reddit Ask Me (Almost) Anything Session

She was courting controversy at the VMA’s by pashing Britney long before Miley‘s chicken butt graced the stage, and she just about outshone Janet Jackson‘s nipple of a decade earlier at the 2012 Superbowl. And now Madonna has provided a bunch of surprisingly direct, no-bullshit answers to questions posed by the Reddit community in an “Ask Me Almost Anything” session. The Queen of Pop kicked off her online chit-chat a few hours ago, saying “Hello Reddit! I’m excited to do this! Just finished working out, now I’m in front of the computer….ready for your questions…” Of course, with a body like that at age 55, she must have always “just finished working out”. Here’s what we took away from it from MDNA’s Q&A:

1. Like everyone else, she wants to work with Daft Punk

2. She’s still standing up against censorship, her support for incarcerated Russian band Pussy Riot continuing.

3. She’s got something new coming out called either “secretprojectrevolution”, or “artforfreedom”, or both. She doesn’t really say what it is, but the trailer is below.

6. Snoop Lion, who is a known Redditor, wants to go on a canoe ride with her. Madonna didn’t reply, canoe ride status remains unconfirmed.

5. Madonna REALLY wants you to “send photo”

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