Louis Tomlinson Names Spawn ‘Sydney Rain’, Much Hashtag Confusion Ensues

ICYMI, One Directioner Louis Tomlinson confirmed reports that he has, indeed, welcomed the fruit of his loins with ex-GF Briana Jungwirth.

Now he’s here, 1Ders are thirsty for a name by which to call the little ‘un that isn’t The Baby We All Wish Was Ours; and, though unconfirmed, several outlets are reporting that Louis Jnr. has been christened ~Sydney Rain~.

[NB: P.TV rigourously researched the conspiracy theory that the baby was conceived during One Direction’s 2015 tour of Australia but, sadly, we couldn’t find any photographic evidence to support suggestions Louis and Briana were Down Under together. It seems the baby name was picked entirely at random, or at least not chosen based on the geographic point of conception].
As you’ll know if you live in Sydney, whenever a cloud farts out so much as one droplet of rain, #SydneyStorm starts trending; except that one’s pretty close to #SydneyRain, and plenty of people were *very* puzzled by its trending on Twitter.
Is everyone talking about a weather pattern, or a kid, they pondered? Is everyone in Sydney ok?

It’s alright, though, ‘cos no one really owns a hashtag: #SydneyRain and the continuously rainy Sydney situation can co-hashtag harmoniously.