Laneway Festival 2017 is just around the corner which means a bevy of international acts are touching down in Oz and preparing for a rip around this big beautiful country of ours.

Loose Units ‘Glass Animals’ Filmed Their Cooking Show Pilot In Our Office

One such band is UK indie-rock legends Glass Animals, who popped by Pedestrian.TV HQ in Sydney today and brought their world-renowned (read: entirely made up for this article) cooking show!

Currently touring their yuuuugely successful second album ‘How To Be A Human Being’ (which we reckon will bag a coupla slots in this week’s Hottest 100 just FYI), Dave and Joe from the band looked inwards to their current single ‘Pork Soda’ for inspiration and bring to you kind viewers, this delicious recipe:

In case you missed the joke, give ‘Pork Soda’ a spin below and make sure to catch the guys at Laneway Fest this month or their sideshows in Syd, Wed Jan 25th (SOLD OUT SOZ) and Melbs, Wednesday Feb 1st (tix here).

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