It’s that stunning time of the year in the awards calendar, the MTV VMAs are here and every performance is giving 110% on the big stage. The production budget this year must have been off the fucking charts because not only does it look so damn good but it also meant that we got blessed with Lizzo dancing in front of a giant, twerking ass.

The whole awards show this year has gone wild with AR this year, with Taylor Swift‘s opening performance sending bubble text of lyrics to ‘You Need To Calm Down‘ out over the crowd, but the stand out for the whole show so far has been Lizzo’s backdrop – a perfect, huge, detached asse blopping along behind her.

Either it’s beautiful well-executed AR or it’s an actual inflatable ass. Either way, we have no choice but to stan harder.


I mean just look at it. It’s all you need to gain the strength to power through the rest of the day, I reckon.

She ripped through ‘Truth Hurts‘ and ‘Good As Hell‘ in her debut VMAs performance, cementing herself a god damned force to be reckoned with.

Lizzo’s copped herself a couple of nominations for this year’s awards for Best New Artist and Push Artist Of The Year, but hell give her debut VMAs Performance Of The Year for this absolute belter.

I’m just going to watch it on repeat for the rest of the day, with Missy Elliott‘s huge medley peppered in too.

Check it all out below, and good luck staying in your seat while watching. I’m so fucken excited for Lizzo to come over to Australia next year for FOMO Fest, lemme tell ya.

Image: MTV