Lizzo, A Queen, Has Precisely Zero Time For People Who Think She Can’t Rap


Adored queens Lizzo and Missy Elliott have dropped the music video for their joint CHOON ‘Tempo’ and if you haven’t watched it already, you’re in for an absolute flute-playing Lizzo classic.

[jwplayer VFEHMKh2]

Not to mention she absolutely destroyed the haters who dared to question her ability to rap.

“I don’t wanna hear nobody question my rap skills no more bitch,” Lizzo tweeted after the video’s release. “Get on my dick or leave the chat.”

‘Tempo’ appears on Lizzo’s latest album Cuz I Love You, which she released back in April. You can find the album on a heap of streaming services including Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple Music. Check it out right HERE

In related news, you can catch Lizzo in the upcoming flick Hustlers co-starring Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu, Lili Reinhart, Mercedes Ruehl, Julia Stiles, Keke Palmer, and Cardi B. 

The movie, based on that viral New York Magazine article, follows a crew of former strip club workers who join forces to 10/10 screw over their wealthy Wall Street clients.

In it, Lizzo plays a flute-playing stripper named Liz, who she describes as “the loud one.”

She told Cosmopolitan:

“She lets all the girls know what’s up. I’m celebrating this one girl’s new titties. I can get us riled up, you know? So it’s kind of like me in real life. Same outfits. It was a blast,” she said. “It was really, really easy to get into that character.”

Hustlers will hit Aussie cinemas Thursday, 10 October.