Lizzo Is Back In The Studio Recording New Music & I Can Already Smell Another Grammy


GOOD NEWS, CHILDREN: Lizzo is back in the studio and recording new music. That’s it, that’s all this introduction needs.

Lizzo announced the blessed news on social media, via an inspired TikTok video.

“GUESS WHO BACK FROM THE BIG CITY?????” she captioned the vid on IG. “Y’all know what this means? It’s time for new bops BOW BITCH BOW! What should I call this song?”

If you’ve got a free sec, I 10/10 recommend looking at Lizzo’s Instagram story for some more beautiful content, re: returning to the studio.

It’s been a stunning year for Lizzo, who won three Grammy awards after receiving eight nominations this year. She was also most recently named entertainer of the year at the NAACP awards. Countless nominations aside, there’s also her beautiful friendship with Harry Styles, which the internet absolutely adores. And last week, Chance the Rapper uploaded an old video of himself being interviewed by none other than Lizzo. As you can expect, the throwback vid went absolutely boonta.

“Anybody recognise the woman interviewing me??” Chance captioned the video on IG. “Give you a hint we’re playing the same Houston festival in a couple weeks and have the same number of GRAMMYs.”

“Guys this is so dope to see. It was 2012, a year before Acid Rap even dropped, and I was being interviewed for a small magazine in Minneapolis called GreenRoom, right after a small show I was playing.”

I can’t believe this video is from eight years ago, and neither can Chance.

“I’ve watched Lizzo work her ass off to become the biggest act in the world and it was nothing but her and her day 1 best friends’ hard work, and her own God given talent,” he said.

Chance concluded that he’s so “immensely proud” of Lizzo, and so inspired by her journey.