Lizzo has undoubtably achieved greatness this year, deservedly attracting an abundance of loyal fans along the way. Now one of those fans happens to be a legend by the name of Mariah Carey. Just casually.

In a recent magazine article with Vogue, titled “What would Mariah Carey do?”, Ms Carey name-dropped Lizzo when asked which up-and-coming singer we should listen to.

This rightfully sent Lizzo, who took to Twitter to celebrate this now-iconic moment in time. “I got the @MariahCarey stamp of approval bitch,” she Tweeted, “oooooohhhh my goooooooooooooodness”

That was enough for Lizzo and Mariah Carey to start professing their love for each other in a tennis match of compliments and admiration.

“You don’t need my stamp, you’re 100% that bitch!” Mariah eventually responded. We simply have no choice but to stan queens supporting queens.

I’m not crying, you are.

The following Lizzo reaction embodies my emotions towards both queens:

Now, when’s the future collab happening?

“Truth Hurts” and “Good as Hell” currently both sit at #5 and #6 on the Billboard charts, respectively. Stream these, as well as Caution, for clear skin and and good karma. “GTFO”, Caution‘s lead single, is a fucking underrated bop and I’ll side-eye anyone who claims otherwise.

Image: Getty Images / Matthew Baker, Steve Granitz