Live Nation Australian Launch = Jay-Z Tour

Live Nation, the concert promotion company that famously signed a deal with the devil Madonna for a record $120 million, is launching in Australia.

It’s the largest music company operating in the United States with services including artist management, ticketing, and a chain of venues – and Madonna isn’t the only performer to hook up with the company.

In 2008 Live Nation brokered a $152 million deal with Jay-Z, covering financing of Jay-Z’s own entertainment venture, live shows, tours and future recordings for the next 10 years.

The last time Jay toured in Australia was 2006 and during the last six months there have been several whispers of his return in 2010. The announcement of Live Nation in Australia only adds fuel to the rumour mill. Or the rumour fire?

We don’t want to get too excited or anything but he has been touring The Blueprint III and is hitting the UK festival circuit in June and early July… could Jay-Z be Splendour-bound?


Photo by Ronald Martinez via Getty