We consider it our deep spiritual responsibility to bring you enormous tunes as they surface, especially if they’re produced by local heroes – and here’s a tasty one for your commute.

Little May‘s touring multi-instrumentalist Mark Harding is carving out his own musical path, and his first single Say It Too is a pretty goddamn decent kickoff, we reckon. We get the kinda tropical pop/West African vibes that have defined the Sydney scene for a while – think Griswolds or maybe Jinja Safari – but with a way mellower, Gotye feel. Frankly, we’re into it.

Speaking to PEDESTRIAN.TV, Harding discussed the process:

A lot of this song was created on the road with Little May. I recorded all the synth parts in a hotel room in Seattle and edited the drums in our van in the UK. The vocals were done between jackets in my cupboard at home.

Worth keeping an eye on this bloke, we reckon. He’s keen to put out an EP in 2017.

Photo: Supplied.