Listen To Flume’s ‘New Hectic Sausage’, An Amazing Track He Dropped When He Was 12

If you didn’t think Flume was a genius already, you will after you listen to his new/old track New Hectic Sausage, a rave anthem that he casually whipped up when he was 12.

Even at a young age, his lyrical prowess was undeniable. The track is woven with insightful lines like “What do you get when you take all the sausages in the world and put them together? The biggest damn sausage you ever seeeeeen.”

Cue the hectic beats and tha drop.

new hectic sausage from harley and killian on Myspace.

No doubt Flume would have scared the shit out of his parents when he played this track for them the first time. This thing sounds like it belongs in a bush doof or some hectic warehouse party. The thought of a 12-year-old Flume getting his rave on to this track is both disturbing and ridiculously awesome.

Let’s hope he plays this at Coachella.