LISTEN: Calvin Harris + Rihanna Exude Vibes On ‘This Is What You Came For’

It was probably a foregone conclusion that this one would be a ripper, but it’s nice to have confirmation that yeah, this track will very likely ascend to life-soundtrack status. 

Calvin Harris has once again enlisted the sachharine sounds of Rihanna to float over his chiming production, and we’re not even mad at it. Not at all.
OFC, the duo had a pretty decent reunion a fortnight ago, when they smashed out 2011’s We Found Love at Coachella.
If we found out that lil’ hijacking was just a subtle psych-up for This Is What I Came For’s release, again, we probs wouldn’t even be too fussed. These two on a new track is goodness, end of. 

Wrap your ears around this lil’ bit right here, and listen to the whole bloody banger in Spotify HERE HERE HERE. 


Source and photo: YouTube.