Lily Allen and Midnight oil unite for Climate Change

Climate Change get’s all the attention – one day models are taking off their clothes the next some of music’s biggest names are collaborating for a song.

Whatever the method, Climate Change is a real big issue so any attempt to get people to acknowledge that fact is a positive thing. Utilising their assets for the good of the planet some might say.

Led by Nobel Peace Prize recipient Kofi Annan, the likes of Lily Allen and Duran Duran and 60 other artists have teamed up to record a cover of non other than the 1987 hit, Beds Are Burning, thanks to our very own, Midnight Oil.

Environmental Minister Peter Garrett would be so proud. Pity about his support for uranium mines these days.

The song is the centre of the †Time for Climate Justice’ campaign †Tck Tck Tck’ that †demands climate justice’ at the Copenhagen Summit happening on December 7. It bids for a binding global climate change agreement to be signed by EVERY Country leader.

So every download of the song will count towards an unique digital petition ad help the fight for climate change.

Title Image by Anthony Harvey via Getty