BLOW ME DOWN: Lil Nas X Just Teased A Collab With The Motherfuckin’ Wiggles

We don’t mean to alarm you but Lil Nas X Just teased a collaboration with… The Wiggles. THE. MOTHERFLIPPIN’. WIGGLES. As in, the heroes of every Aussie kid’s childhood.

Screaming Season 4 GIF by Broad City - Find & Share on GIPHY

Say it with us:

Fruit Salad/Old Town Road mash-up.

Fruit Salad/Old Town Road mash-up.

Fruit Salad/Old Town Road mash-up.

Naturally, the Internet has already begun to spontaneously combust (or at least its Aussie contingent has, because Americans are surely like ‘Who the fuck’s dinosaur’??) and I’ve personally never wished for anything more.

With that said, the Old Town Road maestro has caused us to question the legitimacy of the news. Why? For starters, the photo he posted teasing something called a “Rodeo Remix” features the original Awesome Foursome – Murray, Jeff, Greg and Anthony.

Exhibit A:

But as any Aussie worth their weight in Vegemite knows, The Wiggles now consists of Anthony, Lachie, Simon and sweet angel Emma – so is he just toying with us?

We all want to believe otherwise, and if Anthony resharing Lil Nas’ post to his official Instagram does anything to buoy your hopes, that’s a thing that happened.

Only time will tell. Until then, you could blow me down with a feather.