Lil Nas X Met Rihanna At The BET Awards & Got All Star Struck By The Whole Thing

The 2019 BET Awards are happening right now and it’s a whole swathe of the creme de la creme of music industry types, which is making for some very sweet first-meetings between heavy-hitters and breakthrough artists. The best that’s happened so far though is when Lil Nas X met Rihanna.

[jwplayer WI7HjcNH]

Despite having one of the biggest songs of 2019 with ‘Old Town Road‘, the moment that the 20-year-old rapper/Nicki Minaj stan ran into Riri backstage at the awards show while he was in his Stetson and tassels is enough to give you life for the rest of the week.

Both of them are exuding some real yee haw energy here in full leathers, let’s be honest.

If you’re thinking that he is seemingly pretty chill and well held together in this pic with a literal angel from heaven, know that he also popped a pic up on Twitter with a much more relatable caption.

Yeah that’s more like how I’d react too.

Lil Nas X was all dressed up in his leathers to unleash a whopper of a performance at the BET Awards alongside Billy Ray Cyrus, which involved actual horses on the carpet, a whole saloon stage setup, a whole lotta boot scootin’, and thankfully not this:

Check the performance from Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus below and lean in, country (aka farm emo) is good now.